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FAQ for Orders

Ordering process? How does it work on your site?

1.Send us enquiry, we get back quote for you.
2.Send us art file & Print file, make sure all files are correct
3.Make payment or deposit, we produce a sample to get your approval, such as size, color,finishing..etc
4.Make mass production
5.We send you pictures for finished job to get your confirmation, also you can find third party to our factory to do the QC, such as SGS.
6.Make balance payment, we deliver the cargo out.

Do I just send you my logo and what I want on the sign/display/flag/banner?
No!!!! we ask for print ready artwork when you submit your order.

If you are unable to produce a print ready artwork please send your requirement to our designer, we can provide a graphic design for you free.

Can I Use a picture from my web site on my printing job?

Not recommended!!

Web images are saved at 72 pixels per inch. Elitase needs at least 300 pixels per inch to get a decent print. The rule of thumb is that if you print an image out on a good laser printer at the size you want it. And it looks jagged or ugly.

So, it is better to provide us high resolution graphic art file in order to get a perfect printing.

What format art file is acceptable?

Elitase can use all kinds of format files, such as AI, TIFF,JPEG, EPS,CDR.PDF.

Please make sure all print file is large enough and high resolution. Keep all font reversed.

An .eps stands for “encapsulated post script,” and is basically a printer file that is viewable and editable in some programs. You may be able to view it in a current version of Adobe Reader (as if it were a .pdf file).It’s editable in Adobe Illustrator , Freehand and Corel Draw. You can open it in Photoshop, but I’d recommend only doing that for your own use. When you open an .eps in Photoshop, it converts the file to something that is not as universally size able.Any production house or print shop should have no problem dealing with the .eps if you email it or give it to them on a disc. They’ll probably thank you for giving them something that’s easy for them to use.

What is your flag/banner/table cover /T-shirt material made of?
We digitally print/heat transfer print/dye-sub print on 100% polyester fabric and then cut and sew all fabric jobs.

100% nylon, 100D/150D/300D 100% Polyester, 110g-350g Knitted Polyester, 180g mesh fabric, 165gsm spandex fabric, 160gsm Woven Polyester, Cotton, Vinyl,   Nylon, Satin, Canvas,Oxford cloth .....etc

What does double sided flag mean?
When a flag is printed single sided, the colors bleed through to the other side however the flag is read correctly on one side and is read REVERSE on the other side. For double sided flags, we print 2 flags and sew them together to equal one flag,also we print graphics on both side seperately. The flag is read correctly on both sides. The template that is listed for the double sided will show 2 sides to design your artwork over.

What is the Max print size?

We have 5 large format screen printing machines with semi-auto, and auto 5 colors print. The max printing size: 2500mmx1500mm.

What is your MOQ?

       1. Silkscreen printing:

The MOQ is approx. 200 square meters

For general screen print orders, 1 piece is also okay but the unit price will be high.  Most of the cost on small quantity screen print jobs is in the setup, print film/plate.

       2. Heat transfer print/dye sublimation print:

One Piece. Seriously!!!

For non-rush jobs, we don’t have a minimum order. We can affordably direct to print small quantity orders.

How long will it take to get my orders to me(delivery time)?

        1. Silkscreen printing:

The absolute fastest we can print screen printed for you is 5-7 days depends on the quantity, extra 3-5 days shipping by carrier( such as DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT). Our local forwarder can get much discount from those carrier companies, that will save you lots of expense.

The other shipping way is delivered by ocean and it is much cheaper than carrier express. it might take 25-30days to arrive destination port.

*Please note there’s an extra charge for rush screen printing.

        2. Heat transfer print/dye sublimation print:

The absolute fastest we can print screen printed for you is 1-3 days, extra 3-5 days shipping by carrier( such as DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT).

*Please note there’s an extra charge for rush screen printing.

What is a “flash” layer?

A flash layer is when we double print a color on printed objects. If you’re printing light ink on dark objects, we’ll usually print that light color twice so that the dark object doesn’t show through the light ink. It will make your printing job looks a million times better.

How do I know that you’re going to print the images where I want them printed, especially for color?

Before we submit the final order, we send you a proof with the approximate printed colors match PMS color card, size and placement for your approval.

What is your return policy?

If the product you ordered does not match the proof that was approved, Elitase will either fix, credit or re-order all screen printed jobs.

What is your refund policy?

If your order is printed wrong or finishing error because of an error on our end, send us pictures and we’ll refund you directly. If they’re wrong because of an error on your end, we do not offer a refund or credit.

If you’d like to cancel your order, you are responsible for whatever work or inventory we’ve put into your job up to that point. You are also responsible for a 5% cancellation fee, which is five percent of your total order.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Yes! You may cancel your order if the order is not started, but you are responsible for processing fees, restocking costs and any other expenses incurred by us between the time we recieved your payment and the cancellation request was received.

Do you accept credit card payments?

No! We cannot accept your Visa/MasterCard /American Express / Discover over the phone or in the office. We can only accept cards via Paypal, and T/T to our offshore bank account. If you don’t already have an account, go to paypal.com and sign up.

Can you do finishing on our printed jobs,such as sewing/hemming/grommets/trim cut….etc?

Yes. We do any kind of custom sewing finishing for custom fabric print,also sign or board display sheet.

Will you send us sample before I drop orders?

Yes. We’re happy to do this for you, but you’ll be paying insane setup fees. This sample fee will be refunded to you when we start the mass production.

Is there a difference between screen printed flags banner and heat transfer printed flag banner?

Yes. Simply put, silk screen print is suitable for large quantity. And heat transfer print is suitable for small quantity and rush orders

Screen printing is used oil-based ink, they’ll look great for years to get fading. on the other hand, heat transfer print, while it may fade or crack a little bit,it is 4th grade fastness standard, can last few months outdoor use, and 1-2years indoor application.

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