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About our market

ELITASE China Screen printing serves many largest retail chains, consumer goods producers and advertising agencies,printing agencies all over the world.

We specialize in wide varieties of screen-printing products,dye-su,heat transfer print and services required by our clients, also all kinds of retail stores such as grocery stores, beer sellers, electronic appliance providers, petroleum sellers, department / discount / specialty store and quick-serve / fast-casual restaurant. No matter flyers, flags banners,Label stickers/decals, posters, silicone print, acrylic standees, display stands,holiday promotions or any other type of attention-grabber, we can deliver to you within your budget in a reasonable time.

We also understand the importance of consistency when promoting your brand at market strategy and brand maintenance. That’s why ELITASE is the choice of many established and emerging brands when they need to develop more market share by showing an impressive image to new and potential customers with a positive visibility. From design through printing, production till fulfillment, we help clients to promote their brand in the food, drink, transportation, AD, fashion, home goods, consumer electronics and many other industries.

We are well-suited to address the materials used in all kinds of industries: Acrylic, vinyl, textile fabric, foam board, polyester, magnetic, polycard matt, foil, metal, glass, clothes, corflute, aluminium etc.

Most of all, we speak your language and we understand that client satisfaction is paramount.

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